There are more than a thousand UFO sightings reported in Canada in 2016 and yet only 4 % of them cannot be explained.

That is the lowest rate within 28 years that Ufology Researchers have been producing Canadian UFO Studies.

One study author Chris Wick of Conspiracy talk says “this is likely a result of additional vigilant scrutiny of information obtainable”.

“Summer seems to be the time of year for a vast majority of UFO sightings and like always, most are reported as illuminations in the skies”. Said Chris Wick

In all of the studies provinces with the biggest populations received the most reports, as such we find that Quebec led the country with just over 38.5 % of sightings, while in the Province of Ontario we seen only 26 % and British Columbia with only 17 %.

The most trendy shapes of UFO reports back in 2016 have been simple points of lights, however other shapes were reported, such as triangle, cigar as well as fireball shapes.



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