Trump’s Travel Bans Effecting The Whole Middle East

After Trump’s ban on targeted travelers from Middle East countries, Emirates cut down the number of flights to the United States. Emirates claimed that the decision was made due to weaker demand from travelers. Very few travelers were prepared to visit the United States.

In March, the country (US) banned or imposed heavy restrictions on many devices from cabin luggage also. To be more precise, the ban targeted flights from 10 specific airports. This included specific airports from North Africa, Turkey, and the Middle East.

It is quite interesting to note that the UK imposed similar changes to travelers from the US too!

Marked Restrictions

An Emirates personnel told CTN News that recent actions from the US government relating to restrictions on cabin devices, entry visa, and increased security have a direct impact on the demand for air travel today.

Emirates alone has seen a massive drop in demand for US tickets. They believe that reduced demand can affect the country’s overall economy. The flight spokeswoman told Conspiracy Talk News  that a significant drop in the number of bookings was seen in the past 3 months.

Almost all US routes are affected by this ban. Tim Clark, Emirates president, revealed that the demand for flights to “the United States has fallen by 1/3rd after Trump’s announcement”.

Prominent Changes!

Meanwhile, Emirates has come up with new services to handle the restriction on devices. Premium passengers are provided with tablet computers. In fact, premium passengers can check in electronics too. By the start of May, Emirates set out to reduce the number of flights to Orlando and Fort Lauderdale Florida. Also, it is planning to cut the number of flights to Boston and Seattle by June. The frequency of flights to Los Angeles will be reduced by July.

However, Etihad has not seen any drop in demand! The airline continues to fly at its normal frequencies.


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