A sample of a school lunch tray during a press conference at the Food and Nutrition Department of Miami-Dade County Public Schools in January 2013. Miami Herald

The US Trump government is poised to reverse some School nutrition standards for federally subsidized school lunches, thereby eliminating elements of former health care initiative from former First Lady Michelle Obama.

In his first major Cabinet decision, Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue plans an announcement Monday afternoon at an elementary school in Leesburg, Va., A suburb of the capital. The Agriculture Department said before the announcement that the new rule will provide “regulatory flexibility”, although it did not specify the changes.

The School Nutrition Association, which represents nutrition managers and companies selling food to schools, has said that many of the standards are impracticable and lobbied for cancellation. They have called for changes to the requirements of whole grain and sodium, in particular, saying that it is difficult to produce foods that have enough content of whole grains and low sodium content that children eat.

They have also lobbied for more flexibility in the rules that require children to eat fruits and vegetables, saying that they are often dumped in the trash.

The event in Leesburg is in the district of the president of the association, Becky Domokos-Bays, who will participate.

The association often faced the Obama administration, which gradually introduced healthy eating rules in schools beginning in 2012. Michelle Obama promoted the changes in her campaign against childhood obesity.

Current rules set limits on sugar, sodium, and lipid content at school lunches.


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