It was for over a year, in which a hacker coming from Northern London known as Gary McKinnon was able to hack into NASA computers not to mention dozens of computer systems held by all of the US Military services, the united states Navy, the US Air Force and also the Department of Defense, all totally unnoticed.

Gary was trying to find proof of a cover-up associated with free energy sources and Unidentified flying object activity in addition to some other potential info that might be useful for the general public at large. Obviously, when the Us government found out about this cyber-hacking escapades, they were motivated to bring him to court trial and cover up ALL evidence!

Instead of me trying to paste ALL the Videos and correspondence on this page, I would rather show you the link to this amazing TRUE story and what this young, so called Hacker found out. Now this may shock you, so be prepared, Its NOT for the faint of heart or the closed minded. This is all based on TRUE documented files and findings of Gary McKinnon. Here is that Link ..  But in case you want to see the FULL Interview video then i have posted it below.. Tell me what you think?


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