Cuba and Canada holds the 2nd round of talks on migration and Immigration Law challenges on June 1-2 in Ottawa to evaluate bilateral developments in the area, the island’s Foreign Ministry explained on Monday.

The conference is designed to assess the migration flow plus carry on working on a draft memorandum on migration, as an effective mechanism to make certain “regular, orderly and secure” migration between the two countries, said a note printed on the official website Cubaminrex.

This meeting is also expected to increase cooperation in the fight against crimes for example trafficking in persons and illegal trafficking of migrants, the statement said.

The head of the Cuban delegation would be the Director of Consular Affairs and Foreign Residents of the Foreign Ministry, Ernesto Soberón, and the Canadian delegation is going to be headed by the vice president of the Border Services Agency, Jacques Cloutier.

Two weeks ago, a spokesman for the Canadian Immigration and Citizenship Ministry suggested that the country doesn’t have plans to accept dozens of Cubans who wanted to enter the United states of america and have been stranded in several Latin American countries after the abolition last January, of the policy “dry feet, wet feet”.

That doctrine, removed just days prior to the end of its mandate by the president of the USA, Barack Obama, granted preferential treatment to the citizens of the island that managed to enter American soil, even though they did of illegal form.

On the case of those Cubans and a request from exile organizations of the island in Miami for the Government of Justin Trudeau to simply accept them as refugees, the spokesperson explained to CTN News that he depends on the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) , Other organizations and private sponsors to refer cases in need of “resettlement”.


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