Big Oil – From plantation to pharmaceutical drugs, diesel trucks to dining plates, pipelines to plastic-type items, it really is out of the question to think about a spot in our modern-day life that isn’t afflicted with this petrochemical industry.

The tale involving oil and the modern day world. Could not have one without the other.

Elements of this story are well-known: Rockefeller with Standard Oil; the combustion motor and also the modification of worldwide transportation; the House of Saudi plus the oil conflicts within the Middle East even today.

Other areas tend to be more hidden: scouting around for oil and the break out of the first world war; those petro-chemical interests powering modern day medicine; the massive Oil dollars powering this “Green Revolution” & “Gene Revolution.”

However that story starts off someplace unforeseen.

Certainly not inside Pennsylvania where the first commercial drilling operations and the 1st oil boom started, but in a non-urban backwoods of the beginning of the Nineteenth century NY State.

But, it doesn’t begin with crude oil or even its derivatives, but a unique item entirely: called snake oil, yes you heard me, snake oil.

“Dr. Bill Livingston, Recognized Cancer malignancy Specialist” has been the epitome of a visiting snake oil sales rep.

In reality, his individual was neither a physician or a cancers expert; his genuine identify wasn’t actually Livingston either. Most importantly, the actual “Rock Oil” tonic this individual pawned had been a worthless combination of laxative plus petroleum which had absolutely no positive result at all for the many forms of cancer pwned off to the very poor townsfolk that this individual swindled in to purchasing it.

This person was living the life of the vagabond, constantly on the move or on the lamb from the last crowd he’d tricked.

He would get involved in ever-more-outrageous deceptions to make certain that days gone by wouldn’t meet up with him. He deserted his very first spouse along with their half a dozen young children to begin a bigamous marital life in North america simultaneously while he fathered a couple more kids with a 3rd female.

He started using the name “Livingston” right after he was indicted for raping a female within Cayuga around 1849.

When he was not running from all of them or vanishing for many years each time, he’d educate his youngsters to use the tricks of the shifty business he created. He one time boasted about his child-rearing method: “I defraud and cheat my young boys each and every chance I get. I must make ’em sharp.”

A massive gentleman, well over 6 feet tall with all-natural good looks which he utilized to his benefit, he generally went by the name “Big Bill.” Other people, significantly less generously, referred to him as “Devil Bill.”

However, get this, his actual name was no other then William Avery Rockefeller, and yes it was his boy, John D. Rockefeller, that would continue the Standard Oil monopoly and be the world’s very first billionaire.

The earth we live in nowadays is definitely the world made in “Devil” Bill’s image.

It’s a world created with treachery, deceit, as well as the naïveté of the public which has in no way wised-up to those parlor tricks which the Rockefeller’s as well as their ilk have used to contour the planet over the past hundred years and counting.

Here is the scoop on the oligarchy which I will post Next week for your viewing pleasure. So, stay tuned.


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