Compartmentalized Federal Government Bureaucracy is considered by many as a Continuous Breeding Grounds for Conspiracy Theory & Treachery.

Not known to the majority of savvy mature People in america in the Twenty-first century, U.S. Federal government bureaucracies have, since 1934, been intentionally designed plus organized to support concealed, unlawful, diabolical and unconstitutional operations or acts.

How’s this so?

Think of any governmental agency, among the 1,550 at present active federal regulating agencies, commissions, as well as administrations, as dressers, composing of hundreds of various draws inside it.

Each and every drawer is intentionally remote and isolated of all the various other drawers in order to contain exclusively distinctive things or functions.

Similarly, federal agencies consist of a variety of different sections, or drawers if you will, each and every one featuring its personal community of smaller sized drawers, that are in addition independent and dissimilar to one another.

Government departments are often made to operate in a way that doesn’t showcase cogent error. Why is it set up this way you ask, well, you will notice a little further in the following paragraphs.

For example, let us take the Central Intelligence Agency for Instance

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This individually autonomous Agency is composed of, a minimum of three hundred unique functional sections, each and every section possessing, no less than one hundred sub-divisions, or areas.

Every one of these sub-divided portions is split in to sometimes smaller sized areas or sections.

Every one of these organizational subdivisions or areas, consists of not less than a hundred staff members or what some call, operatives, that have distinct independent functions when assigned through his or her selected area commanders.

Confused Yet?

Therefore, logically, a federal government bureau, like the CIA, might consist of as much as 50,000 agents (or assets, women and men all over the world who aren’t formal employees with the Central intelligence agency, but they are covertly compensated to execute exclusive tasks) getting work done in over 5,000 different locations, that’s over one hundred agents within a section, and Congress, who actually developed or created the Central intelligence agency, doesn’t have actual understanding of these types of working sections.

The NSA is almost 3 times the size of the ever so powerful Central intelligence agency, in functional bureaucratic measurement, that, obviously, produces a lot more alienation among divisions, areas as well as sub-sections, in which the right-hand from the bureaucratic body doesn’t understand what the left-hand has been or is doing.

Frightening, Right?

Furthermore, once the bureaucratic body has numerous sections and also subsections (or arms), once again designed to insure that the right hands typically do not know exactly what the numerous left hands do, and so on.

This will make the planning and any orchestration associated with conspiracies (hidden, unsanctioned, unlawful paramilitary operations) fairly simple to achieve, don’t you agree?.

This is an OPINION ONLY article submitted by : Peter Perkins, independent author and story teller.


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