Republican senator Bob Corker answers press questions near the Senate before voting at the Capitol in Washington on October 19, 2017

Influential Republican Senator Bob Corker sharpened his verbal confrontation with President Donald Trump on Tuesday, saying the president of the United States is “not trustworthy” and “degrades” the country.

Corker, who chairs the Senate’s powerful Foreign Relations Committee and emerged as a critic of the president, made his harsh remarks after Trump attacked him in a series of tweets in the morning.

“I do not know why he lowers to such a low level and degrades our country the way he does, but he does,” the congressman told CNN in an unusual critique of the commander in chief.

“It is unfortunate that our nation is in this situation,” said Corker, regretting his support for Trump’s election: “Let’s just say I will not do it again.”

Furious that the senator from Tennessee expressed his doubts about the bill for tax reform presented to Congress, the president had launched a new salvo of aggressive tweets against Corker, calling him “featherweight” and incompetent.

“I think that when his term comes to an end, the permanent counter-truths, the insults … are what will remain and are regrettable,” the senator told CNN.


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