This January 19, 2017 archive photo shows filmmaker Michael Moore as he speaks to thousands of people at a rally against President Donald Trump in front of the Trump International Hotel in New York. The phrase in the background says: "We Stand United".

President Donald Trump zeroed-in on a completely new target: film maker Michael Moore, who was and is still critical of Trump’s mandate.

“Although it isn’t an entire presidential matter, I have to mention that Michael Moore’s very poor overall performance on Broadway had been a TOTAL FAILURE and that he was compelled to close. How sad! “, Tweeted President Trump.

Mr. Trump belittled this liberal activist on Sat, a few days following Mr. Moore’s show, called “The Terms of My Surrender,” where he only made an appearance and concluded the Broadway performances on October 22nd.

The Conspiracy Talk News site states that “Moore’s anti-Trump proposition analyzed the present politics as well as cultural landscaping of america.”

Back In August, the film maker brought the actual show’s target audience to the Trump Tower located in “The Big Apple” New York City, in order to object to the president’s response to deadly physical violence back in a march , the town of Charlottesville, in the state of Virginia.


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