Hundreds of men and women walked quietly this Monday evening inside Warsaw in reminiscence of the Fifty-four year-old gentleman that perished last month right after setting him self a blaze to protest the dominating conservatives’ guidelines.

Mr. Piotr Szczesny, who was married and a dad to two children came from a village of Niepolomice within Poland’s southern region, perished on October. 29th, immediately after he set himself on fire before the Palace of Culture in Warsaw.

The Polish authorities, led with the right-wing Laws and Justice party (PiS) that took power a couple of years back, continues to be criticized from the European Commission with regard to policies which endangers the freedoms of media and self-reliance of legal courts.

“I love freedom first and foremost,” Szczesny, had written in the flyer, duplicates which this individual spread about him self. “That’s the reason why I made a decision to commit the action of self-immolation and that i trust that my own dying may shake the moral sense of numerous individuals….”

One of many demonstrators on Monday, like Jacek Rabinski, a 38-year-old that is training to become a paramedic, declared he mourned Szczesny’s life and was and has respect for his choice.

“We are right here simply because we’re concerned about the specific situation within our nation, this governmental problem,” Rabinski mentioned. “Many individuals reside in thinking that governmental policies does not concern them. National politics is definitely all of us, the everyday individuals who create nation-wide politics.”


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