The proposal that saved the Government from shutting down this weekend shown by president Trump. Taylor Verdant / Conspiracy Talk News Photo

WASHINGTON (Conspiracy Talk News) – President Trump has signed a provisional budget proposal Friday in order to avoid governmental shutdown and keep his Government running for two more weeks, until December 22.

President Donald Trump promulgated the initiative in the White House after the House of Representatives and the Senate acted to draft it and avoid the so-called “governmental shutdown” or closure of the government this weekend.

The White House and congressional leaders, meanwhile, will continue to negotiate a longer-term agreement.

This provisional measure finances all types of government agencies, from the Department of Defense to the Internal Tax Service of the United States Department of the Treasury, better know as the IRS. It also makes money available to several states that are running out of funds for the children’s health insurance program. The program provides medical care to more than 8 million children.

The White House and lawmakers say the draft will give them more time to negotiate several issues on the year-end agenda, including the budget, a children’s health program and also hurricane relief.

On Thursday, Congress has approved the interim proposal to gain some time for complicated negotiations on a wide range of issues in the Capitol. Government paralysis could be avoided after everyone involved expressed optimistic positions during a late evening meeting in the White House between leaders of Congress and Donald Trump.

The measure was approved in the House of Representatives with a vote of 235 to 193, basically sticking to the party lines and had no problem in the Senate, where it received an approval of 81 to 14 just one hour later. The proposal would keep the government operating normally until at least December 22nd, when there could be further complications arising at that time.

The topics discussed during the White House session included the dismissal of a freeze of funds to the Pentagon and other local agencies, the extension of a children’s health program and the aid money for the reconstruction in Puerto Rico, Texas as well as Florida for the devastation that left after the hurricanes. The most controversial and high-priority issue for Democrats involves the protections of immigrants illegally brought into the country during their childhood.

These immigrants known as “dreamers” have support of the majority of citizens and lawmakers, but face possible deportation in a matter of months because Mr. Trump reversed the governmental protection provided by a program created by the Government of President Barack Obama.

In consecutive statements, Democrats and Republicans declared that the meeting was “productive”. The White House defined it as “constructive”.  However, in private, congressional advisory said that no major advances were made.


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