US Ambassador before the UN, Nikki Haley. Archived Photo / Conspiracy Talk News

WASHINGTON (Conspiracy Talk News) – United States ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, declared that this women who accused Donald Trump of improper sexual conduct “should be heard,” a posture which sticks out with the White House.

Donald Trump is accused by over a dozen females regarding sexual harassment along with other forms of hostility, versions he as well as the federal government have regularly denied.

A year ago, while in the political election marketing campaign, a video has been circulated where Donald Trump bragged about his technique of groping females.

“Women who accuse someone should be heard,” this diplomat explained as soon as asked regarding this matter by Conspiracy Talk News Sunday.

The White House claims that electoral victory of Donald Trump resolved this controversy to the allegations.

“I think we heard them before the elections. And I think any woman who feels she has been raped or abused has every right to say it, “Haley strongly insisted.

“I know he was elected, but women should always feel safe to step forward and we should all be willing to listen to them,” she explained.

Allegations with regards to sexual harassment as well as rape of the show biz industry tycoon Harvey Weinstein opened up this Pandora’s box.

Since that time about three individuals from Congress have fallen to these accusations, celebrities Kevin Spacey, Louis C.K as well as Jeffrey Tambor as well as some well-known TV presenters in the USA.


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