Russian President Vladimir Putin gestures during his annual press conference in Moscow, Russia, on December 14, 2017. Pavel Golovkin AP Photo

MOSCOW (Conspiracy Talk News) – Accusations of collusion between US President Donald Trump and Russia have hurt the American political system and showed a lack of respect for Republican voters, President Vladimir Putin said Thursday during his annual press conference.

The president of Russia, once again rejected accusations of meddling in last year’s US presidential election and added that the accusations against Trump were spread by his political rivals to try to undermine his legitimacy.

The leader acknowledged Trump’s achievements in almost a year in the White House, noting that the growth of markets reflected investor confidence in his economic policy.

Putin also said he expects the relationship between Washington and Moscow to recover, highlighting that they must collaborate to face global challenges.

During the conference, Putin undertook to modernize the economy if he was re-elected in the Russian elections on March 18th. “The Russian economy has overcome the recession and is on track to achieve reliable growth”, he added.

Putin wants to see a Russia “focused on the future”, making the economy more flexible and increasing its efficiency.

President Putin, whose approval rating exceeds over 80%, is expected to get a comfortable victory in the March political elections.

Among its priorities if he manages to renew its mandate will be in the “development of health and education”, he added.

Putin also said he would like to see more political competition, which would help to balance the nation’s political system.

The president will go to the vote as a self-proclaimed candidate, keeping distance with the party controlled by the Kremlin, United Russia.

On the other hand, President Putin blamed the veto of the International Olympic Committee on the presence of Russian teams at the Pyeongchang Olympic Winter Games in South Korea, and suggested that the FBI manipulated the main informant’s evidence on a plot of doping at the 2014 Olympic event in Sochi.


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