WASHINGTON (Conspiracy Talk News) – “We are returning greatness to the United States,” US President Donald Trump said in a speech on Wednesday after Congress approved his tax reform, evoking his “Make America Great Again” campaign slogan.

Surrounded by the leaders of the Republican majority in Congress, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, Trump praised it in the gardens of the White House, the adoption of his tax reform, a document that still has to be enacted.

“We broke all the records,” said the president, visibly exalted, thanking the leaders of Congress for what he called “the largest tax cut in the history” of the United States.

The president greeted several major figures of the Republican majority by name, including Steve Scalise, a Louisiana representative who was seriously wounded in June when a madman opened fire on the Republican baseball team.

“Steve Scalise, he’s braver than all of us. He is braver. Oh boy He had a harder year than most of us. But it’s a hellish way to lose weight, Steve. It is not a good way. We love you, Steve, “he said between applause.

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For his part, Ryan, president of the House of Representatives, attributed to Trump the “magnificent presidential leadership” for the success of the controversial plan, which Democrats consider a gift for the richest, and runs the risk of further increasing the national debt .

And Vice President Mike Pence redoubled the praise with a superlative description of the president’s achievements, including the tax cut he described as “a miracle of the middle class.”

“President Donald Trump is a man of his word. He is a man of action, “said Pence.

“With the strong support of these members of Congress, President Donald Trump fulfilled, a great victory for the American people.”


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