WASHINGTON (Conspiracy Talk News) – “I also have a nuclear button, but it’s much bigger and more powerful than yours.”

That was the message that the president of the United States, Donald Trump , sent Tuesday night to the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un , in a new exchange of threats between the two leaders.

Trump used his Twitter account to respond to the statement made by Kim Jong-un on Monday morning, when he warned that he had a “button” at his disposal to execute a “nuclear” attack.

  • “The entire US is within reach of our nuclear weapons and I have a nuclear button on my desk”: the threat of Kim Jong-un on the first day of 2018

” Every US is within reach of our nuclear weapons and I have a nuclear button on my desk, it’s a reality, not a threat,” Kim said, according to the Reuters news agency.

In his television address to start 2018, the leader of North Korea secured his weapons “will only be used if the security (of his country) is at risk” ..

In response to that, Trump posted a message on Twitter: “Someone from your hungry and impoverished regime please inform me that I also have a nuclear button, but it is much bigger and more powerful than yours, and my button works!” .

The exchange of threats comes after last year Pyongyang completed eleven ballistic missile tests and a nuclear detonation , maneuvers that North Korea qualifies as self-defense.

This advance of the North Korean armament program led to an escalation of confrontations with the United States, as well as its Asian allies, South Korea and Japan.

  • How is a nuclear missile launched?

In sanction to the North Korean nuclear program, the Security Council of the United Nations issued a resolution that sanctions the imports of gasoline and other petroleum derivatives to the Asian country.

The North Korean leader considered this measure as “an act of war”.

Do you have a nuclear button?

Beyond the idea of ​​a button that executes a nuclear attack, every president of the United States has immediate access to the nuclear weapons codes of his country, which has the largest arsenal in the world.

The key to triggering a nuclear attack is on a small plastic card that the president in turn keeps in his pocket.

It is known as “golden code” or “cookie.”

The president must break it in half to verify his identity when he contacts the War Unit in the Pentagon , the headquarters of the Ministry of Defense, to authorize an attack.

“The president is always accompanied by a military man who wears a briefcase known as the ‘nuclear ball’, and there is the team he needs to communicate with the highest ranking advisors,” Bruce Blair, a member of the team, told the BBC. US nuclear launch already retired.

“In the briefcase there is also a graphic war plan, on a single sheet the objectives, the number of dead and the weapons are specified, so it is easy to understand the dimension of the situation in a few seconds,” adds Blair.

Orders are followed

Once it has been confirmed that the order comes from the president, the personnel in charge of the control of the arms takes out of a safe the key that allows to unblock the nuclear devices.

“It’s two people who have the responsibility to activate the launch, the only thing that everyone has to do is turn a key in. This procedure does not take more than a minute, ” says Blair, who worked in a bunker under a mountain in Nevada, a state in the western United States

Blair has no doubt that if he had received the order to initiate a military attack, he would have complied.

He is convinced that the staff who are in charge at this very moment will do the same.

The action of turning the key to launch a missile depends on each individual , but those in charge of this task are trained to obey the president.


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