The sonic attacks that allegedly occurred at the US embassy in Havana are still wrapped in a veil of mystery. Desmond Boylan AP

TORONTO, CANADA (Conspiracy Talk News) – The Canadian Mounted Police investigates the possible causes of ailments, that eight Canadians in Cuba suffered in 2017, and that have been qualified as “sonic attacks” which the origin is still a mystery.

Canadian officials offered the first official information on Wednesday about the incidents that have also affected US diplomatic personnel stationed in the Cuban capital.

According to the information provided, a total of 27 Canadians assigned to Cuba have been examined after several of them suffered different unexplained ailments.

Of these 27 individuals, including diplomatic personnel and their families, eight needed health care for symptoms such as dizziness, headaches and nosebleeds.

The Canadian authorities also explained that so far, the families of three diplomats stationed in Havana have returned to Canada, two of them after suffering symptoms, but that the levels of Canadian diplomatic personnel in the capital have not changed.


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