With the partial closure of the government, many federal agencies stopped operating, except essential service. Archived Photo. Conspiracy Talk News

WASHINGTON (Conspiracy Talk News) – The government of the United States began a temporary and indefinite closure of its activities due to the lack of budgetary agreement between Republicans and Democrats to extend the current federal budget.

The closure began this Saturday, which is supposed to be a holiday for President Donald Trump, as it marks the first anniversary of his arrival at the White House.

  • The lack of agreement between Republicans and Democrats causes the temporary closure of the United States federal government

However, after a marathon day of negotiations between the two parties, the proposal to extend the federal budget in force for four weeks did not receive the 60 votes needed in the Senate in a vote held on Friday night.

The lack of agreement to extend the budget means that the federal government needs to temporarily resume  its activities for lack of funds , because Congress has not allocated money to finance them .

From the first minute on Saturday, many federal agencies stopped operating, except for essential services , and thousands of federal civil employees received an order to forcibly leave their jobs.

The majority of the staff of the Housing, Environment, Education and Commerce departments will stay home.

And about half of the Treasury, Health, Defence and Transportation workers will not go to work on Monday.

In the last temporary closure, in 2013 during the Obama administration, which lasted 16 days, it is estimated that some 800,000 of the 2.1 million federal workers left their posts and dozens of government offices were closed.

As for the White House , for example, 1,056 workers in the Executive Office of the President will be closed , while 659, considered essential, will continue their work normally, according to their contingency plan.

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said that over 50% of his department will not go to work and some maintenance, training and intelligence operations would have to be temporarily stopped.

The national parks and monuments could also be closed . It is traditionally one of the affected areas when there is a closure of government.

In 2013, the closure of national parks provoked an angry public reaction. 

Therefore, before the vote, it was reported that the Trump administration was developing contingency plans to keep them open if an agreement was not reached.

Another area that may suffer delays is visas and passports .

The Standard and Poor’s risk assessment agency estimates that the closure of the government could cost the US economy about US $ 6,500 million per week .

What will continue to work normally?

Fundamentally the essential services that protect the “life or property of the people”.

This includes departments and national security officials , such as the Army, police and emergency services will continue to work normally.

Medical emergency teams, disaster assistance, air traffic control, postal services or prisons will also do so.

What is different about this closure of government?

Indeed, this is not the first time that the government closes. In fact, it is something that has happened several times.

Before the most recent, in 2013, there was a shutdown for 18 days in 1978, and two under the Clinton administration, in 1995 and 1996.

But this is the first time that the lack of budget agreement occurs when the same party – in this case the Republican – controls both the Houses of Congress and the White House .


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