Leader of the Republican block in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, heads to his office on Saturday, January 20, 2018 at the Capitol in Washington. Nancy Harvester – Conspiracy Talk News

WASHINGTON (Conspiracy Talk News) – President Donald Trump tweeted on Saturday that the Democrats caused the Government Closing and provided him “a nice gift” to mark the first anniversary of his office.

The Democrats “could have made a deal easily, but decided to play the policy of the Closure,” he said.

And as part of a series of tweets since the closing at midnight began, the president tried to explain why Americans should elect more Republican lawmakers in November “to break out of this mess.”

Trump accused the Democrats of being more concerned “about illegal immigrants than about our Armed Forces or about Security on our dangerous” border with Mexico.

The closure, which occurred despite the fact that the Republicans control the White House and the two houses of Congress, is a remarkable sign of the dysfunction prevailing in Washington. 

All government operations except the most essential are paralysed.

The Congress convened an unusual Saturday session to discuss a spending bill with just three weeks of validity, and to let the public know that they are still working despite the closure of the government.

The impression is that each party will seek support in making he other party seems guilty of closing federal agencies.

The fourth shutdown of the government in a quarter of a century began at midnight on Friday when last-minute negotiations failed when Senate Democrats blocked a four-week extension. However, behind the scenes, the leaders of both parties tried to reach an agreement to avoid a prolonged closure.

The closure began on a weekend, so most Americans will not feel the consequences at the moment, but the damage could increase quickly if the situation continues. 

And besides constituting a shame for the president, it brings a political risk for the two parties, since each one expects the voters to punish the other at the polls in November.

Trump noted that there are 51 Republican senators, and 60 votes are needed to pass the laws that keep the government going, which is why Democratic support is needed now.

“That is why we need more Republicans to win” in the legislative elections, he added.

The closure does not affect Social Security and other essential service programs. The government will continue to fulfil its crucial functions, and the armed forces and security as well as the health inspectors will continue to work. 

But if there is no agreement before Monday, hundreds of thousands of federal employees will have forced vacations.


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