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TECHNOLOGY (Conspiracy Talk News) – Your mobile phone contains sensitive information about you, from private messages to personal information, contacts, emails, bank numbers … the list can be endless.

Therefore, if your mobile phone is hacked, it is best to take action as soon as possible.

The problem is that many times we are not able to identify the signs in time.

But we have good news: you do not need to be a technology expert to know if your phone was compromised.

2. Overheating

If you notice that the device is too hot … its a bad sign.

It could be because a malicious application is running in the background, explained the American Intel technology office.

3. The battery runs out sooner than expected

The same reason that causes overheating can trigger battery wear.

It is possible that this effect is also due to a system update that affected the phone’s battery, but if the change is too drastic, it is always better to take it into account, the Mobile Zone website says.

4. You receive and send unknown messages

It is probably your friends or family who receive this before you, if it is your device that is sending the messages, either through SMS or via WhatsApp.

Sometimes these are trap offers that are transmitted in the form of viruses from one terminal to another.

The same can happen with emails.

The first advice is to: delete it as soon as possible and do not click on any link.

5. Pop-up windows

The so-called “pop-ups” are usually an unequivocal sign that something is drastically wrong.

“As happens in computers, some malware generate pop-up windows that invite you to perform different actions,” says cybersecurity specialist Joseph Steinberg.

“If you see ‘pop-ups’, keep that in mind.”

6. Purchases and suspicious apps

Where did that new application come from that shows on your phone’s screen? Was your data consumption triggered suspiciously this month?

In addition, you may have increased your telephone bill or the number of text messages you “sent.”

“Although the manufacturer or service provider may be authorized to install apps from time to time to update the phone, if new applications appear suddenly it is better to make sure they are legal,” says Steinberg.

The expert recommends to go to Google search and check the name of the application and see what users say about it.

The same happens if the data consumption unexpectedly grew: it is better to check it.

It can also be that hackers use your data to buy all kinds of things, that’s why specialists recommend having control over the transactions that are made.

7. Strange background noise

Do you hear a strange noise? Beep? Voices?

If, when you browse the Internet, web pages have an unusual appearance, it may be due to the action of a hacker who is manipulating the device remotely.

What to do?

  • Install a trusted mobile anti-virus (some are free)
  • Uninstall applications that you have not installed
  • Avoid browsing public wifis
  • Protect your phone with a password difficult to decipher
  • Do not download applications from unknown sources
  • Beware of clicking on “pop-ups”!
  • Keep your device always updated
  • Check the invoice and data consumption regularly


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