Russian President Vladimir Putin. Archived Photo.

SYRIA – Russia and its president, Vladimir Putin, accused the US of attacking with chemical weapons as a justification to bomb Syria with the aim of  helping the rebels to overthrow the Al Assad government. 

In  just one week,  all the arguments of the attack by Washington collapsed, and their imperial allies distanced themselves from the US Presidents plans.

“As you know, the biggest stock-piler and owner of chemical weapons was once Russia and seems to now be the U.S., who, unfortunately are not fulfilling their commitments on the time-frame of disposing chemical weapons,” Putin said. “They have postponed the deadline for the liquidation [of chemical arms] three times already, under the auspices of the lack of necessary funds, which honestly sounds odd.”

The  vote against the British parliament turned into international jurisprudence.  

Germany warned that it will not participate in a military intervention. The French parliament has already warned the warmonger President Hollande that “we will not tolerate any intervention outside the UN”. 

The NATO chief issued a statement said that the Atlantic Alliance has not planned any intervention in Syria.

The countries of the Arab League, partners and accomplices of the USA-EU axis, remain silent, or demand that the attack be led by an international coalition endorsed by the United Nations. 

Putin said that “despite calls to cooperate on global issues, the United States had demonstrated a selfishness that had seen Russia’s national interests ignored in the nuclear sphere.”

At the international level, the condemnation of a US attack is unanimous  and continues to grow.

The emerging powers, such as China, or  peripheral countries throughout the international order, reject and condemn the planned attack by Washington. 

The population of France, like that of the Eur-ozone and Eastern Europe,  unanimously rejects the American intervention,  and any operation against Syria. 75% of American society rejects the attack, and on Saturday anti-war organisations demonstrated in front of the White House repudiating the plans of the US president and the Pentagon.

No expert or organisation of the central powers recommends an armed intervention in Syria. The majority agrees that the reactions and  backlash in the region and internationally are unpredictable still. 

The conflicts in the Middle East with the religious division between Islamic factions, regional confrontations like that of Turkey or the one of Israel against the Iran-Syria-Iraq-Hezbollah-Hamas axis, the division between the Muslim brotherhood and Army in Egypt, the conflict of the Kurds with Turkey,  could be activated simultaneously in reaction to a US military intervention , with or without the powers, in the region.

The specialists agree that now, the true intentions and interests of Washington in the international terrorist operation launched several years ago in Syria were revealed.

Pressed by this scenario, and as a maneuver to  gain time , American president announced that he will consult with the US Congress. In Syria they celebrated that decision as a victory.

The US President, meanwhile, and as a resource to show political strength, in the midst of weakness, continues to threaten unilateral bombing. 

Nobody believes him. And a new process begins, where the pieces of the new chapter will be configured.The only thing true and verifiable so far, is that  for the first time the game and the invading US interests were exposed. 


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