This year, Snapchat has been creating a storm in the media world with its news of doubling the revenue of Rest of World.

This comes as a surprise to everyone, as the CEO of the company Evan Spiegel didn’t really have a care regarding anyone else other than the teens of United States.

The Android app of Snapchat was really problematic and filled with bugs. The videos took much time to load due to the weaker connection.

Also, Spiegel admitted that he and his company had their main focus on that markets that are selling the high-quality, tech-end phones and mobile networks of broadband.

The Rise Of The Other Platforms

That comment and the bugs in the Snapchat system gave the other platforms such as WhatsApp status and Instagram stories a chance to go ahead and steal the market, international even before.

Snapchat could make a move. In the last quarter of the year 2016, the total users of Snap in the Rest of World had a worrying contribution of only 39 million which is way less.

However, the CEO changed the game in 2018 and marked this year with some amazing strategies that would flip-flop the entire tune.

In an interview three months earlier, the CEO admitted to increasing the user base of Snapchat by accelerating the need for the app among the Android users.

Also, he aims to increase the users that are present in the markets of Rest of World. This comment of the CEO made it clear that the new era for user-friendly Snapchat has arrived and will bewitch everyone with amazing services.

A New Era For Snapchat

This time, Snapchat has been recorded to have a fantastic quarter with the growth rate of the company increasing by a whopping 2.1%.

This means that the growth rate has gone from 2.9 to 5% in the first quarter itself. The user growth has reached up to 187 million which is certainly a great improvement for Snapchat.

The revenue for the company went beyond the expectations of everyone. With the losses shrinking and the revenue increasing, the shares of Snapchat have gone up to 21%.

It is obvious that the strength of Snapchat came from a developed and strong world that focuses on the users.

It is true the region of Rest of World added another 3 million to the already great user number of 47 million. This number is almost equal to the European markets combined with the North American ones.

Also, the contributors in the Middle East are also a great addition to the growth of Snapchat as well.

The Development Of Snapchat

One question still arises though. How did Snapchat manage to add these many countries to the list? The answer to that is through development.

Well, to begin with, Snapchat improved greatly on the performance of its Android app. During the time of IPO filing, Snap made a written statement that all their products worked perfectly with the Android mobile phones.

Also, it said that their prime focus is to develop their products to operate efficiently with the iOS as well.

With the development of the Android app, the bugs were reduced and the users were retained successfully.

Extra Partnerships Of Snapchat For Development

Also, Snapchat made a huge comeback to the field by launching several partnerships with certain wireless carriers that are spread over many markets.

This reduced the data costs associated with Snapchat. Spiegel said, “This is important because Snapchat can be more fun to use out in the world rather than at home on Wi-Fi.”

These particular zero-rating contracts and deals have provided a touch of controversy for the company. But surely they are able to recruit the users based on such developments. Reports also state that the video Snaps have also been made easier for streaming purposes.

This extra use of the Snapchat app, all thanks to the world development has increased the revenue and brought some happy results for the company. Monetization has been much stronger than before. Revenues have recently doubled.

What the world today is seeing is basically Snapchat International. Thought he tens of United States surely monetize in a better way than the other, there are certain users that are efficiently scattered all around the world.

Kids nowadays want to have Snapchat and share things without really having a permanent and lasting record to prove it. For that, Snapchat is something that suits them best.

Snapchat is surely enjoying everything right now and will continue to do so if things go right like this.


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