President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump leaving the White House on Monday, February 5, 2018. Archived Photo. Conspiracy Talk News

The first lady of the United States, Melania Trump, gives the impression that she is determined not to allow her husband, the president of the most powerful country in the world, to take her hand under any circumstances.

The images of a video that has been viralized on social networks show the presidential couple leaving the White House on Monday to travel to Ohio and as they passed in front of the press, Trump tried to find the right hand of his wife who had a yellow coat on the shoulders.

The president groped for her hand, but did not achieve his goal. 

At his side, Melania, used the left hand to hold one of the lapels of a coat because there was a strong wind.

Trump stopped a moment and placed himself on the left side of his wife, an action that seemed to confuse Melania who tried to keep walking and the governor took her briefly by the waist while he greeted the press.

Then they continued walking towards the presidential helicopter.

This is not the first time Melania Trump refuses to take her husband’s hand. 

In May of 2017 the same thing happened during a visit to Israel when they were walking with Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife, Sara, after arriving in that country.

The presidential couples of both nations were walking on the red carpet and Melania lingered a few steps behind. At that moment Trump offers his hand and she rejects him with a pat on his hand, then walked on. Trouble in paradise? 

That episode went around the world and was the subject of comments on social networks in the US and international media.


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