Olympic Winter Games Photo you-tube, CBC

PyeongChang – In the words of Jim Carrey and a quote from Gord Downie, Canada launched a video that will put everyone in the Olympic Winter Games spirit.

The video of just over four minutes is a review of the most emotional moments in the history of the Olympic Winter Games, and focused on Canadian athletes.

Love is the central theme of the video. 

Love for your country, for your sport. Love for the Olympic spirit that unites people beyond their language, their race or their origin.

In the background you can hear the theme Love Reign O’er Me , by “The Who”, while the images pass quickly from black and white to color, from the clips of past decades, to the HD image passing through those textured transmissions of the 80s.

All moments of victory, effort and the stories behind each athlete.

The video was shared on different social networks of CBC and in a few hours it has gone viral. Here you can see a guide on how to follow the Canadian athletes in PyeongChang 2018 .

And here you can enjoy the video:


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