Peace Is A Recent Invention

History was always erected over conflicts and wars, giving and withdrawing powers to men, to bring to their pleasure the destinies of peoples and nations.

Boundaries have always existed and were never static, subject to forced and unwanted fixes. 

Today, the most emblematic and conflicting border is that which separates the two Korea’s, and which was not well defined after World War II, was later created with the extension of the so-called Korean War.

Armed conflicts have always been and continue to exist. But since 1945, the Western world has maintained a state of peace such as never seen in the past. That is why there is a conviction that peace is a very recent state and way of life. However, this condition is maintained at the expense of much effort, concern and investment

Last week President Donald Trump, in his first State of the Nation address, gave prominence to economic growth based on his tax reform and concerns about immigration reforms, but he also put great emphasis on the need for Republicans and Democrats to unite in Congress for the possibility of modernising North American nuclear weapons.

“In order to have peace one has to be heavily armed to impress and frighten possible enemies.” Trump says.

He lives in a superficial world, commanded at a distance and under no threats. For example, the Government of Sweden, which is a neutral country and not part of any military bloc, has recently distributed a leaflet to the entire population explaining how to proceed in case of war. For the Swedes, the annexation of Crimea by Russia and the instability in Ukraine are cause for concern and to be taken seriously.

NATO is an organisation that currently encompasses 29 countries, and whose mission is to defend member states against conflicts and aggression. 

The United States is the main driver and financier. 

Donald Trump has already argued that the United States is spending too much on others and that everyone must abide by the agreement that each country’s contribution should account for 2% of its Gross Domestic Product to maintain stability, safety their country.


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