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Justin Trudeau has become the pretty face of Canada as the current Prime Minister, but don’t let what some consider to be his dashing good looks distract you from some of the things he has done wrong as the Prime Minister.


First, he has put Canada further into debt. When running for the position of Prime Minister, he ran on a platform of promises that included shrinking the countries deficit. In 2017, he promised to keep the deficit at around $9.8 billion, when in actuality it was around $27.5 billion. Although having a debt free nation is pretty impossible, it was because of Justin Trudeau’s lies and bad policies that the deficit was almost doubled. This is just one of many instances where he did not keep his word.


It is also no wonder that the deficit has gone up when he treated himself and his family to a vacation in the Bahamas that cost the Canadian taxpayers almost $150,000. If a trip of that cost is not disgusting enough in itself, the details are even more disturbing. The vacation that Justin Trudeau and his family took was to an island owned by Aga Khan. Aga Khan is a billionaire who is also a spiritual leader to the Ismaili Muslims. When Justin Trudeau accepted the vacations, there were ongoing financial deals going on with Aga Khan and his foundation to lobby for Trudeau’s office. Many people saw the gift of the vacation from Khan to Trudeau as a way for Khan to influence Trudeau in his position as prime minister. When he was brought before parliament to answer how many times he had met with the ethics commissioner about this situation, he dodged the question more than 15 times. Someone who has nothing to hide would not put so much effort into not answering a simple question.

Keeping his Word

Justin Trudeau has shown time and time again that he does not keep his word to the Canadian people.

Another instance of this is with fossil fuel subsidies. He made an electoral promise that he would make Canada a greener country. This seemed like a great idea, although it was one that will not come to fruition anytime soon. After he was elected,  Liberal Party budget was released, it showed that many of the fossil fuel subsidies that Justin Trudeau promised to get rid of will actually stick around until 2025. This goes right in line with him trying to act like he cares about something because it makes him popular, when in reality he is just spouting more lies. He claimed he did not support the controversial Trans Mountain Pipeline, but then gave it the go ahead even though there is a large amount of Canadians who have been protesting the pipeline.

Trudeau says all the right things at the right times, but his words are nothing more than empty promises and lies. His push for the pipelines to dig up more carbon form Alberta’s tar sands shows that he is not a man of his word. Regardless of what side of the issue you stand on, having a prime minister who does not keep his word is very worrisome.


  1. Debt is a big problem for Canada. It does not hurt when it is borrowed; only when payback time arrives. Having to deal with repayment is unlikely to be Trudeau’s problem. Has anyone drawn a line on how much it has cost the taxpayers so far to bring Trudeau’s pet migrants to Canada. Are many of them off the public trough and begun to pay taxes yet? All those untold millions he has given away to third world countries and the Clinton Foundation make the amount spent on his Bahama’s vacation seem small, but it is the mentality of that trip that bothers me. I call it the “Versailles” problem. Our PM is above the masses and takes frequent exotic holidays at great cost to the public and which are beyond the reach of many of those he governs. He accepts the use of an island from a rich man who is also a beneficiary of our government’s largess. He approves the Trans-Mountain Pipeline in the sure knowledge that there will be endless protests and legislative delays that he will never have to put his signature where his mouth is right now.
    Watching his in parliament I am stuck by two things: he endlessly blames the “previous government” for everything that is wrong and he rarely, if ever, seems to answer a question. I see his lips moving but when I then ask myself what was the answer, I still don’t know. He is dangerous for Canada. He is driving us into great debt that cannot be repaid without hardship, he is changing the image of a Canadian in the eyes of the world and he is doing it without the consent of the voters. An election is won on an election platform and is not a mandate to be a dictator until the next election is held.
    Keep the country in debt so you have a reason to raise taxes; control healthcare and you control the people; create divisions and class warfare so that you can tax the rich and threaten them with the poor masses; keep the people divided so that they have no common goals: religion, language, customs.


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