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Justin Trudeau has never been qualified to be a prime minister. Before his fast rise in politics, he was simply known as a wealthy, free spirited son of a prime minister that ran Canada into the ground and catered to banking cartels.

Since becoming prime minister he has passed very little legislation and even fewer cabinet appointments. All of the big ideas he had when campaigning have either become train wrecks thanks to his poor implementation, or they haven’t happened simply because he was lying about the visions he had for Canada during his campaign.

The Deficit

During his campaign he promised huge cuts to the deficit, but has delivered quite differently. His hikes in spending combined with a giant middle class tax cut have doubled the budget deficit that he promised to cut. The scariest thing about this, is that he has no plans on how to fix this “the budget will balance itself” is what he has said when asked about his plans to deliver on his campaign promise.

Foreign Policy

Foreign policy in Canada is no better either under Trudeau. He ostentatiously got rid of Canada’s combat plan against the Islamic State, for no valid reasons. While campaigning, he also attended many cash fundraising events for his party, which lead to very large amounts of money being donated to the Trudeau foundation from Chinese business leaders.

Prime Minister

Being the prime minister is a serious role, and yet Justin Trudeau seems to want to live his life as a rock star. His constant use of social media, none of which is related to what the people of Canada care about, is reminiscent of a teenage girl who is trying to keep her status as the most popular girl in school.

Pierre Trudeau

Just like his father, Pierre Trudeau, he strongly favors the eastern parts of Canada, and lavishes economic benefits on Quebec, not caring about the problems it causes for the people of English speaking Canada. Just as his father did, Justin Trudeau uses British Columbia and Alberta as his personal piggy bank to lavish the east with great developments and benefits while the western part of the country descended further and further into issues dealing with drug crisis, homelessness, unemployment and infrastructure problems.


To make these problems even worse, he is currently establishing an open border, making it clear that he will welcome as many refugees and immigrants into Canada that want to come, regardless of history. Shortly after he was elected as prime minister, he oversaw the arrival of 40,000 Syrian refugees. While helping people from other countries is a nice thing to want to do, it should not be done recklessly. Germany saw the entry of almost 100,000 refugees just in one weekend. If Canadians and Trudeau truly want to help people seeking asylum, then he needs to work on making the economy stronger so that more Canadians can afford to open their doors to the less fortunate.


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