Legalised pot for 12 Year old? Sure, says Justin Trudeau. Labeled for reuse.

Canada’s pro family groups are coming together to put pressure on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for his bill legalizing recreational marijuana, calling it a devastating attack on Canada’s families and society and trying to get fellow citizens to lobby the senate to reject the new bill.

Bill C-45

C-45, also known as the Cannabis Bill, creates huge risks for the children of Canada and the laws dangerous proposals are being brought to the forefront by Gwen Landolt, the vice president of REAL WOmen of Canada, a non profit, non denominational, non partisan group made up of men and women from many different occupations, walks of life and economic and social backgrounds. They come together to support the values of family and work to keep laws, like C045, from passing through grassroots campaigns.


The major problem with the Cannabis Bill is that it allows anyone over the age of 11 to possess, freely use, and even share cannabis with others, allowing them to have up to five grams, or 10 joints, at any given time. While the bill only allows people over the age of 17 to posses or buy marijuana in any amount, there is nothing stopping a child from taking 5 grams of marijuana from his parents, older sibling, or even a friend, and using it or giving it out to other children.


While the bill is popular among Canadians, with about 65 percent of them supporting it according to recent polls, many of them are not aware that it allows for the use of marijuana by people under the age of 17.

House of Commons

The liberal members of the House of Commons have worked hard to get the bill through, in November they invoked time allocations on the finale vote, and were met with many Conservatives voicing their displeasure. Since then the bill has been stalled in the Senate, with 19 Conservative senators who have said they want to speak against the bill when it has its second reading debate. Those senators have not yet spoken. If the bill does pass the second reading it will then go to committee, where Conservative senators are planning to suggest amendments to the bill and call witnesses to back up their reasoning. With scientific evidence strongly showing that marijuana is dangerous to people under the age of 25, because it stunts brain development that is still occuring, they should not have a hard time finding witnesses to back up their concerns. This may not change the liberal senators minds though, especially if they listen to Justin Trudeau, since this bill is a bit personal for him.

Dicey Past

Not only has Prime Minister Justin Trudeau admitted to using marijuana, as recently as when he was a Member of Parliament, but in 1998, six months before he was killed in an avalanche, Justin’s younger brother Michel was charged with possession of marijuana. Pierre Trudeau, their father, who was prime minister, used his connections to make those charges disappear. Should we really be trusting someone to propose a bill like this, when it will have such a huge impact on Canada’s children? I think not.


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