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Canada has had an amazing summer jobs program that helps Canada’s youth find work while they are out of school for the summer.

The government spends almost 100 million a year to provide almost 100,000 jobs through government funding at various companies and nonprofits across the country. In the past any kind of non profit, small business or public sector employers could apply to hire students during the summer, without having to pay (the money for wages being supplied by the government). This has typically been a non partisan issue, with both sides of the government agreeing that funding summer jobs provides a great benefit to the country by supporting its students and businesses.

Thanks to Justin Trudeau, things are changing for the 2018 summer jobs program, and not in a positive way.

Summer Jobs Program

In December of 2017 the Canadian government announced new rules and regulations for funding of the Canada Summer Jobs program. Although some of the changes are positive, such as focusing on companies in the areas of mathematics and engineering that will work on hiring more women in the predominantly male fields, other changes are discriminatory and an attack on people’s moral and religious beliefs.

No More Funding

When employers go online to apply to take part in the jobs program, they now have to make a box that says their business and organization respects women’s reproductive rights.

Without clicking on that confirmation, no company, Group or business will be accepted into the program, and they will not receive funding.

This means that religious group such as youth camps, churches and aids groups will not be able to hire students to work for them during the summer due to the fact that many of them are Catholic and Protestant and follow the idea that from the time of conception a fetus is a child and should be given the same rights as anyone who is a full grown adult. If they were to click that they agree, it would be going against their moral beliefs.

Just Check the box

In his attempt to end the controversy, Justin Trudeau said that these changes were only for those company’s whose core mandate was to limit reproductive rights and prevent abortion, that it was not for all Christian organizations and that most christian groups should just check the box as long as abortion was not a main focus of what they were doing.

This solution is not surprising come from Justin Trudeau, who has shown a complete lack of awareness when it comes to ethics. Regardless of whether an organisation focuses on pro life issues or not, asking a person, or group of people, to agree to something that they are fundamentally against is something that should anger anyone.

If pro choice people were asked to check a box saying that they promise to support pro life views, they would be in an uproar that the government was stifling their free speech and freedoms.

Trudeau’s reaction to this is something that everyone should criticise and worry about.


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