PM of Canada is the Canadians Nightmare. Photo by google image - Labeled for reuse

Justin Trudeau is the 23rd prime minister of Canada and some say, a Canadians Nightmare. He assumed office on Nov 4, 2015. Lately, a lot of talks have been happening about him and the Keystone Pipeline project.

Some people say he is doing the right job. Others say he is causing more good than harm to Canada. Let’s look at some facts and then decide..

In 2013, he was asked about which country he likes the most.

In his response, he mentioned China and said that China changed the economic dynamics, and that Canada also needs to invest in solar. Another thing that he said is that having a dictatorship is interesting as you can do whatever you want to. 

Now, this is one of the many warning signs that the leadership of Trudeau have kind of given to the people of Canada.

Instead of focusing his efforts on the middle class of the country, he has been talking about dictators undermining the power and authority of the democracy. The main premise of his statement is that government knows but the people don’t.

His focus is on trips, lavish gifts and tax breaks to people in his circle of friends. As a matter of fact, the new government of Canada has been trying to entertain the world elite spending the tax payers’ money.

Justin Trudeau has had many scandals.

He has been accused of using Canada for his personal gains. Canadian media has kept a lid on these stories because they are funded by the Government in many cases.

The PM has gone through an ethics investigation because he accepted gifts and made trips to Aga Khan’s private Island. Aside from this, according to the Paradise papers released recently, one of the fundraisers of the PM is allegedly involved in a tax-avoidance plot.

Besides, the PM has links with George Soros who is a billionaire investor. Recently, he gave $20 Million to the Clinton Foundation.

Although the allies of Trudeau are always hesitant to pay their share of tax, yet 80% of families in Canada pay more tax, small businesses in Canada have also been suffering.

In short, the Liberals of Trudeau are making the lives of the employees and middle class more difficult, he is not keeping his word anymore.

Parents are paying more taxes, and the government of Canada has done nothing to provide jobs for our younger people. In fact, Trudeau is taking out more and more money out of the pockets of the poorer class.

His minister Ahmad Hussain is bringing into Canada around one million immigrants by 2020. Since Canada has a population of around 30 million, the immigrants may cause a big demographic shift by the end of this term. Keep in mind that the immigrants may vote for the PM, round 2.

Since the allies of the PM are praising these policies, we can see who the PM is trying to please.

It’s quite clear that his policies are not good for the masses and he is not as good a leader as he would like us to believe.

The popularity of Trudeau has been dropping, but can he win the next election? Only time will tell.




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