Donald Trump and The United States economy. Photo from Google Images - Labeled for reuse.

Although Donald Trump has declared bankruptcy four times, it is also true that he has managed to form a powerful empire that consists of 515 companies, between hotels, casinos and golf courses and others.

At Times Donald Trumps financial moves have been risky, but they have always led to finding good business opportunities. 

President Donald Trump now controls a fairly healthy US economy and the management of his emporium could be an advantage to reduce unemployment – now at 5% some sources say – and reactivate some sectors of the economy.

Beyond the growth of gross domestic product and better known figures such as wages and the trade deficit, it is worth noting other measures such as the rate of business creation and the percentage of workers in the main age group in the labour force.

Undoubtedly, his apparent protectionist regime may affect other countries, but it could also accelerate the creation of jobs. 

Trump’s biggest support base was in the corporate sector and other areas hit hardest by the decline in employment, especially in manufacturing. Gut that is all changing and on the up swings once more according to Trump insiders.

“The problem for the party is they have handcuffed themselves to an anchor that is on the wrong side of history,” says John Weaver, Trump critic.

“Trump retains his strongest support from Republicans who are older or who lack a four-year college degree.” says CNN.


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