Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump. Photo Google Images - Labeled for reuse.

It is clear that the female leadership was so prominent in the Barrack Obama administration by First Lady Michelle, now, however, It has been taken over NOT by Melania Trump, but  ever since the primary elections it became the daughter of Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump.

Her charisma and connection with the public, although much less than Michelle’s, is what has made Trump more likely to be seen as a man of politics. In fact, many analysts agree that her arrival to the campaign, humanised the tycoon.

If Ivanka takes the lead, and takes a lead on key issues such as women’s rights, health, education, she could continue to add value and credibility to her father.

“The anti-nepotism law has an exception if you want to work in the West Wing because the President is able to appoint his own staff. So, of course, this came about to stop maybe family members serving on the Cabinet,” she commented on MSNBC’s  show “Morning Joe.”

“But the President does have discretion to choose a staff of his liking. And so if that is true, and that legal advice holds, that will open up a realm of responsibilities,” she pointed out.

Republican majority

As seldom happens, this time the President’s party dominates the United States Congress. Trump can take a great advantage of the majority, that has the political community under wraps. He still controls both houses.

With the House and the Senate on his side – for which it must first heal its relations with some republican sectors – then it could move forward its proposals and projects.


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