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Despite all of the negative press and criticisms that U.S. president Donald Trump has faced during his first year and entering his second year of presidency, there are actually a lot of positive things that he has done since the beginning of his term. 

Trump came into office with a lot of held over promises since his campaign days and he’s fulfilled quite a few of those promises so far. Knowing things can’t be done overnight, he has a pretty impressive list of things that he has accomplished since the beginning of his presidency into his second term.

Trump’s accolades during his first year until now

Certainly he has done a lot of good things since his first days in office. His promise to make America great again has seen significantly positive since his start of the campaign. Trump seems to be having a positive impact on the U.S. in many aspects. First, the list of things that he has done in his first year can be considered a growing list of achievements, that he will add to his second year in office. His accolades keeps growing amid the positive things he continues to do, many say.

A newly restored confidence in the way people look at and respect America

Trump has done a lot to build up people’s respect and their level of confidence in America. He has used his personal relationships with other world leaders to garner great results on his promises. His relationship with different leaders around the world has benefited him and others. Last year he was able to successfully implement his campaign promise to Jerusalem, making it the capital of Israel.

The administration also pushed for the funding of women entrepreneurs in the Germany at the G20 summit after he travelled there from Poland. Throughout his 12 day trip through Asia, he has won new cooperative deals and promoted the interests of America. He has travelled to the Middle East and Europe and has built new relationships with leades throughout both continents. He has successfully secured the release of Americans held in China, using his favourable relationships with world leaders.

Trump has been helping veterans

Since the beginning the administration has been fighting to support veterans. He signed the Veterans Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act, which will not allows senior officials to fire employees from the Department of Veterans Affairs and provide safeguards for whistle-blowers to protect them.

He has signed a variety of Acts including the Veteran Appeals Improvement and Modernisation Act. During his first year, he also signed the VA choice and Quality Employment ACT of 2017 which authorised 2.1 billion dollars in funding for the Veteran Choice Program. He also created hotlines and online tools which allows veterans to access quality of care and wait times.

Trump protects life in America and abroad

He has done a lot to protect life whether in the U.S. or in other countries. During his first week of presidency, Trump has went onto expanding and reinstating the Mexico City policy. The policy has blocked billions sent in foreign aid which was used for abortions. He also  proclaimed a bill which will block Obama-care funding which supports abortion.


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