Is Prime Minister Justin Trudeau More Than A Heartthrob? Image from Google Images - Labeled for reuse

Canada’s current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is known across the globe for his silky hair, photogenic face and just an overall charming personality.

The social media tends to show his ecstatic looks, but what it fails to provide is his policies and contribution towards the people of Canada. While the world may be drooling over Mister Trudeau, we’re not sure if Canadians feel the same.

Justin Trudeau was able to gain office partly due to the name he possesses; his late father, Pierre Trudeau, was the Canadian Prime Minister between 1960’s and 1980’s, a time when ‘Trudeau-mania’ existed.

Pierre Trudeau introduced many reforms like charters prohibiting discrimination, encouraging multiculturalism, health reforms, legalising contraception, abortion and homosexuality.

Thus, his son was also expected to bring great changes within Canada and uplift its global position.

Some of the most prominent characteristics of Justin Trudeau shown by the media are panda-loving, wheel-chair carrying and refugee-welcoming PM.

However, Canadians feel the more pressing issues are not being addressed by the current leader, they might have at first, but things have changed. Since he came into power, he has been seen to make numerous wrong decisions, time and time again, sparking the interest of the sleeping public.

During his Canada Day Speech, the PM forgot to mention Alberta, along with others, as one of its provinces which was a highly alarming and embarrassing situation for all Canadians.

Furthermore, since after his arrival in parliament , it has become increasingly difficult for Canadians to gain confidential information by making requests. This is a right of every citizen, yet the ‘transparency’ remains a no-show.

The Prime Minister recently spent $215,000 on a vacation to Bahamas that sparked multiple concerns within the it’ citizens, being that the cash was taxpayer’s money.

The Opioid crisis remains to continue in Canada due to which sixteen Canadians are hospitalised every day yet no important measure has been taken by the Canadian government. The one thing that would greatly reduce this is bye decriminalising heroin and cocaine but the government seems to be sitting with no effective plan.

Justin Trudeau also promised to reduce fossil fuel subsidies before taking office; however, it is still in effect and unchanged until at least 2025. People also believe he discriminates against gay men; initially, Trudeau proposed that any man, who would have sexual intercourse with another man, could not give blood for the next five years, but with continued protests, the timing has been reduced to one year.

Trudeau has also put Canada into debt; for the year of 2016-17, Trudeau added another $9.9 billion to the deficit.

The deficit came to be $23 billion in that year.

This year Trudeau promised a $9.5 billion deficit, but in reality it’s probably going to be more around $28.5 billion. He is Not doing anything to control these rising real-estate prices., housing is still quite expensive in Canada and beyond reach of many.

Trudeau’s domestic approval rating has fallen by 9 percentage points since last year., and still dropping.

Though it’s quite early to say if he will be an effective PM with the short amount of time he has been into office (two years). We sincerely hope he’s up to the task of making Canada Great again.


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