Justin Trudeau: Calculating Politician or Loving Hippie. Photo Google Images, Labeled for reuse.

Justin Trudeau has been using his performative progressivism as an attempt to distract the Canadian people since his election campaign.

He has focused on extreme liberal issues like assembling the first gender balanced cabinet in the history of Canada, making a great display of welcoming refugees, even going as far as to meet them at the airport and sending out a tweet that Canada will welcome every asylum seeker in the world, (something he later backtracked on, as he is known to do) and even made a great display of offering $85 million dollars to victims of Canada’s gay purge as compensation.

While these are “nice” things to do, he places all of his focus on them (at an attempt which usually appears to really get the focus on himself and his good guy ways), instead of also focusing on things that help and affect Canadians on both sides of the isle, like the ever increasing national deficit.

Calculating Politician

Although the prime minister tries to come off as a loving, relaxed hippie who you could go have a beer with, he is just as much of a calculating politician as anyone else in office, he just uses his PR people to attempt to cover up all of the poor choices he has made in an attempt to avoid the one thing he hates the most: public scorn.

A great example of this is last week when his highly criticized “humankind” comment came out, him and the rest of the liberal Canadian government brokered a $233 million dollar agreement that would allow Canada to sell helicopters to the Philippine government to be used for internal security operations.

This might sound harmless, but the president of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte is known for being a tyrant who has used helicopters in the past for political military missions with ordinary citizens who were vocal about not supporting him being on the receiving end of those security operations, which always end in the death of that citizen.

While this is not surprising considering his stance that cancelling the agreement to sell armoured vehicles to Saudi Arabia would be bad for Canada, when he knew that they would be used in the genocidal war that is going on in Yemen. How can someone who seems so loving and accepting of refugees who are seeking asylum from war torn countries also support selling things that are causing some of these refugees to flee from their countries?.

This makes Trudeau the most dangerous kind of politician for Canada, because his words and actions are at such an extreme disconnect that you never know what will happen next.

Empty Words

Trudeau has tried to keep his word on a few of his campaign promises, such as the inquiry into the murdered and missing indigenous woman as well as his promise to legalize marijuana. Unfortunately, due to his inability to really follow through with something he says, both of these are being considered a failure, even by his highly liberal supporters.

Many of the families who took part in the inquiry stated that there was a total lack of communication and that many of their questions and concerns went unanswered.

His marijuana bill took almost two years to be written, but then the language in the bill was so poorly written (such as allowing anyone over the age of 11 the ability to legally have up to 5 grams of marijuana on them) that the vote has now been delayed indefinitely.

If he keeps this up, he will no longer have supporters from his fan base, which could be the best thing to happen to Canada since his inauguration as prime minister.


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