Justin Trudeau dumb joke. Photo from Google Images, Labeled for reuse.

Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada is known for being overly politically correct and is constantly trying to push the boundaries on how people, typically politicians, deal with the language surrounding gender.

He did this recently at a town hall type meeting in Alberta.

An unidentified woman stepped up to the microphone to pay the prime minister a complement i regard to is ability to recognize “the ability and power that women actually possess.” Right after that comment she started to discuss her church, asked Trudeau to look at the new laws pertaining to the charitable status of religious organizations and made the now famous statement “ maternal love is the love that is going to change the future of mankind.”

The prime minister after hearing the word mankind physically recoil, then interrupted the woman and said “We like to say peoplekind, not necessarily mankind, because it is more inclusive.”


His reaction at the town hall has drawn criticism and ridicule from both conservative and liberal media , politicians and celebrities. He has been accused of virtue signalling, which is when someone publicly expressed sentiments or opinions that are meant to demonstrate their own moral correctness or good character on their position on a particular issue…this is something that Trudeau does quite often, as he is always looking to be recognized for his political correctness.

In fact he recently backed the change of lyrics in O Canada to become more gender neutral by changing the line from “in all thy sons command” to “ in all of us command.” This type of behavior would be one thing, if it was what Trudeau really believed and stood behind. But his reaction to the criticism he received shows that he is doing nothing other than trying to put on an act to make himself more popular with his fan base and “fans”.

Sycophantic and Idiotic

The Toronto Sun accused the prime minister of mansplaining (a typically liberal word used to describe the action of a man explaining something to a woman who already knows what she is talking about), he was called sycophantic and idiotic by american political commentators and said that he was looking to appease people who are desperate to find something to be offended about when nothing like that actually exists. Canadian politician Michelle Rempel also responded to the mankind comment by tweeting at the prime minister “ On behalf of Parliament, to the woman he interrupted, I apologize for his behaviour. Ps. I would love for him to try to interrupt me like that.”

Flip-flop Response

What was Justin Trudeau’s response to all this criticism (something that he hates dealing with)? He stated: “I made a dumb joke a few days ago that seems to have gone viral. It played well in the room and in context. Out of context, it doesn’t play so well, and it is a little reminder to me that I should not be making jokes even when I think they are funny.” Trudeau’s response to this “little joke” is a perfect example of what is wrong with him as a prime minister and how he does not really care as much as he tries to seem he does.

The fact that he gave a noticeable physical response to the woman’s use of the word mankind shows that either he was really offended by the word, in which case his apology is not sincere and it shows that he is willing to back down from what he really believes in just to avoid bad press, or it shows that he does not care about being as politically correct as he says he is and considers it to be a joke.

Either way, he is a coward or a liar, neither of which are good qualities for the prime minister of Canada to have.


  1. NO. The real story from that town hall in Edmonton was when The PM answered a Canadian Veterans question, who has a missing leg from combat in Afghanistan, on why the Canadian government was fighting veterans in court and why he felt that his country that he was willing to die for, has turned his back on him. The PM’s response was “They (vets) are asking for more then we can give”. That’s right, he told a VET missing a leg that vet’s like himself are asking for more then the government is willing to give them.

    So please, stop with the Peoplekind. He says things like that all the time. Budgets balance themselves and if you kill your enemies they win. He is a walking talking selfie moment that the media adores.


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