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Is Justin Trudeau getting together with Captain Amarinder Singh, or perhaps he isn’t ?. This Punjab chief minister apparently revealed desire to guide the visiting Canadian PM on his travel to that Golden Temple inside Amritsar.

While at the same time the Canadian media previously disclosed that Trudeau’s not thinking about getting together with Captain Amarinder– a vocalized nit-picker regarding Trudeau regime’s part with assisting Khalistani resurgence– subsequently reports suggested that ever since Trudeau’s landing within India, the Canadian higher commission has definitely been engaged in enraged back-channel discussions in order to put together this business meeting.

Baseding on Abigail Bimman of Canada-based News, “Sunday evening in New Delhi, a government official confirmed the plans had changed, and a meeting between Trudeau, Sajjan and Singh would be requested by Canadian high commissioner Nadir Patel”. The representative would not state just what triggered this sudden change.

“Jagmeet has maintained a studied silence when­ever asked to condemn Parmar,” wrote Ushinor Majumdar in Outlook, because “NDP lost 59 seats in the 2015 federal elections and fell to third place nationally. The Sikh population, less than two percent of Canada’s ­total but with significant concentrations across constituencies, is a real factor.”


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