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The United States, just might, together with various countries of the UN, begin talks this Tuesday regarding Morocco on migration, a topic identified as a major challenge.

“We have the option to accept or reject the migration, they are there, for everyone,” said the president of the UN General Assembly, the Slovak, Miroslav Lajcak, opening the discussions.

“But we have another option, resist them or accompany them, we can measure the head on the earth, think that tomorrow we will deal with it, that it will be for another generation, during another crisis, or plan, plan, organize a system and respond to a global phenomenon with a global solution “, he added.

Six rounds of negotiations have been cherdulled in New York until July, in order to reach an agreement that was started back in December 10th and 11th for a summit in Morocco, according to internal diplomatic sources.

The objective is “to increase cooperation on international migration in all its dimensions”, underlines the 25 page project of this “Global Agreement for Safe, Orderly and Legitimate Migrations”. It also seeks to combat trafficking of people.

This project will preserve “the sovereignty of States” and try to recognize “that no nation face the phenomenon of migration alone”. Stated the text of the project discussions.

The United States, which has or had a relations and dialog with Mexico on the issue of immigration, announced aback in 2017 its withdrawal from this project due to provisions contrary to the new immigration policy of the Donald Trump government. “The door is still open,” say diplomats, who say that the absence of the United States is not an obstacle to reaching an agreement.

The project speaks of “mutual understanding” of migration and the need for “shared responsibilities”. “For some countries, the matter is very sensitive” and the “negotiation is going to be very complex,” stated one diplomat.

The text details 22 specific measures, including collecting data, providing identity documents to undocumented migrants, agreeing on a specific humane treatment for women and children alike, granting access rights to social services and address various discrimination issues.

In a report published back in January, the UN Secretary General, Mr. Antonio Guterres, stated that “member countries should prepare themselves to manage the mass movements of migrants”.

“It is urgent that the member states determine a strategy regarding the large displacements of migrants,” Mr. Guterres stressed. “There are obvious overlaps between this challenge and the challenges of the global pact on migration” “expected to increase this year, 2018”, he added.

It is estimated that there are some 258 million migrants in the world, 3.4% of the world’s population.


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