Ongoing Illegal Immigration Crackdown Affecting Canada Google Images Labeled for Reuse

During an ongoing illegal immigration crackdown by President Trump in the United States, following the president’s hardliner rhetoric, Canadian officials are starting to fear that they may see more illegals who are currently living in the United States trying to seek refuge in Canada.

In the past year more than 14,000 illegal immigrants have come over to Canada.

That is more than five times what the Royal Canadian Mounted Police stopped in 2016. The surge during the summer was the most dramatic, especially in Quebec where police had to set up a temporary camp. In Montreal the former Olympic Stadium actually had to be set up as a shelter to house all of the illegal immigrants coming over the border.

Tweet Take Back

Although Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tweeted out that Canada will happily take all immigrants, his current actions show that he may have just been saying that to look good to his more liberal supporters. He recently sent several Canadian dignitaries and lawmakers to the United States in-order to combat misinformation that people might have about being granted asylum status once they cross from the United States to Canada.

Open Borders

Justin Trudeau is now having to explain that he only meant for immigrants coming from the United States or from war torn countries to enter Canada legally.

This is a perfect case of him not thinking before speaking.

He made his first “open borders” announcement less than an hour after President Trump announced that he was going to be submitting changes as to who could legally come into or stay in the United States. If Trudeau had thought before he tweeted, then he would have realised that his tweet seemed like an open invitation. Instead, it took him almost a year to form a committee to send to the United States to meet with immigration lawyers in hopes to stop the influx of illegal immigrants from the United States. This was obviously a problem during the summer months, and yet all he did during that time was make more room to help the influx of illegal immigrants, he didn’t try to stop it at all.

Immigration Process

Unfortunately, even legal immigration is perhaps too easy of a process in Canada.

There are many different routes to stay legally and there are many appeals processes and other legal ways to get around an initial denial such as getting Canadian residency on compassionate grounds or because of humanitarian issues.

While helping other people is great, perhaps Canada needs to follow the lead of the United States, instead of blindly taking everyone that they deem not fit.


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