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Donald Trump Jr.’s has arrived in India for a business trip this week and is overshadowing the visit by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to the same country. The son of the President of the United States, Donald Trump is visiting India to promote real estate deals in cities around the country, which was announced with front page ads in all of the big Indian newspapers. It has attracted the attention of India’s eltes and media, but Trudeau’s presence has not really been recognized or talked about in comparison.

Trump Jr. Meeting with Politicians

Donald Trump Jr. has met with politicians and celebrities alike. The real estate deals that he is promoting were made before his father became president of the United States, right before he  declared that none of his businesses would make new foreign deals while he is president of the United States so that they could avoid any kind of conflict of interest or have a negative effect on United States foreign policy.

Times of India

When being interviews by the Times of India , Trump Jr. said “We are not doing any new deals while my father is President of the United States. We have had to turn down hundreds of millions of dollars worth of deals all around the world. “ and said that his father being the president is costing the Trump Organization tons of lost money in opportunity cost. He stated some concern that the deals would be gone completely if his father is elected for another four year term.

Narendra Modi

Some people expressed concern because Trump Jr is set to share the stage with Narendra Modi, India’s prime minister at the New Delhi business summit, he will also be giving a speech on Indo Pacific relations.

While Trump Jr knows that he will be meeting with Modi, the same can not be said for Justin Trudeau, who will be spending a week in India in an attempt to strengthen cooperation and business ties between the two nations. In fact, Modi and many other of the countries top figures have ignored Trudeau on his visit, which has caused speculation that the Indian government is purposely ignoring him because of his appointment of Cabinet ministers, who are said to have ties with the Sikh separatist movement, the movement and group that wants to create a separate state in India for Sikhs, through a political or armed struggle. Modi did not even greet Trudeau at the airport, which has been custom in the past. Instead he sent one of his junior ministers to meet him.

With only a few days left on his trip, Justin Trudeau has not met with any senior government minister from India yet.

Trudeau is denying that there is any kind of friction or disagreement going on, but actions speak much louder than words.



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