Should Canada try to Reintegrate Radicalized Terrorists into Society? Google Images Labeled for reuse.

In a recently unearthed document from The Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), it has revealed alarming information about how Canada is viewing the jihadist threat, their concerns about future attacks on Canadian soil  and what the Canadian government is doing to prevent and track terrorists.

Justin Trudeau , the prime minister of Canada has showed barely any concern over threats of jihadists that want to return to Canada, and has even said that he believes they can be rehabilitated.

CSIS Reports

Reports from the CSIS do not agree with his stance though stating “ domestic extremists are likely to continue to target Canadian uniformed personnel and related installations in neighbourhoods that are familiar to them (such as police stations and military recruitment centres).” Although Canada’s two most recent terror attacks that gained international coverage happened a few years ago, one in the Ottawa Parliament and one in Quebec, where two Canadian Forces members lost their lives, there was a recent one just this past September in Edmonton where a terrorist used a vehicle ramming and stabbing attack that was reminiscent of the attack in London not that long ago.

Reintegrating into Society

Justin Trudeau said just a few months ago that he is concerned about the national security threat of Canadian citizens who have joined the Islamic State group and ISIS, but once again focused on ways that he would get the government to reintegrate them into society.

This is a horrible idea, because multiple studies have shown that once someone has been radicalized that there is very little chance of them becoming unraticlized. These are people who have been brainwashed to such an extent that they are willing to kill themselves to follow what they have been taught. By the prime minister saying that he is willing to try to set up programs to help reintegrate radicalized terrorists into society, it is like an open invitation to terrorists to come to Canada.

180 Canadian Citizens

In 2016, the most recent government figures that have been released show that almost 180 Canadian citizens are shown to have travelled to the Middle East to join Islamic terrorist extremist groups. About a third of those people have returned. Why is the Canadian government allowing them to return? Instead of putting money into programs that require intensive monitoring of these individuals, as well as the programs that the prime minister is suggesting to reintegrate them, we should be preventing them from enter back into Canada and focusing on stopping the radicalization in the first place. More research needs to be done on prevention and figuring out what kind of people are most susceptible to being radicalized and how to stop terrorists from reaching them and being successful. By inviting them back into the country , even if they are heavily monitored, it is like they are getting a free pass and it shows other people who might think about joining the Islamic State that their actions have no real consequences.


  1. Personally ,I think the left will network,if not already done, with Isis. These will infiltrate neighbourhoods where they have socialists,solidarity movements and these will work to promote more socialism/ communism/ Marxism with tyranny. . Forcing their agenda/ cause. If Pierre was not his father(and possibly not) he was raised in a family that can teach him the tricks of the trade. Mr. J. Trudeau ,you are declaring war on generations of people who have worked hard to build a life and bowing to entitled selfish lazy individuals who think all is owed to them.


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