US - Mexico held talks again about THE WALL Google Images Labeled for Reuse

Mexico’s President Enrique Pena Nieto has given up on plans for a visit to the White House. This is reported by the “Washington Post”, underlining that a US visit would not take place in the coming weeks.

The decision was made after a tense 50-minute telephone conversation with US President Donald Trump, who ended up with a deadlock to build the wall at the border. During the call, which took place on February 20, Trump confirmed that he was not ready to publicly confirm that Mexico would not pay for the construction of the wall.

According to reports from Mexican sources, the US president has lost control over the conversation.

While sources close to the White House are trying to lower the tones, describing a frustrated president ahead of what he considers an unreasonable request by Pena Nieto.

In January, Trump said the United States “needs the wall at the southern border for security and defense of the country.

According to the White House leader, this would help stop the massive influx of drugs from Mexico to the Unite States. For many months, Trump continues to “respond” to rumours that he has been convinced by chief of staff, John Kelly, that the wall is no longer needed.

The American leader underlines that without the construction of the wall there will be no new agreement on immigration.

He also wants to close the US lottery and replace it with a merit-based program.


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