The Chinese Government now owns Vast Areas of Land in Canada Google Images Labeled for Reuse

CANADA – One of the largest overseas and buying companies in China just had its company seized by the Chinese government. This step has put billions of dollars worth of real estate in Canada into the control of the Chinese government.

The government will be taking over the company for at least 12 months in order to protect the customers of Anbang, the name of the company which purchased the real estate.


Anbang owns property in Bentall Centre, a senior care company in Alberta and British Columbia called Retirement Concepts, a landmark office building that is in Vancouver, HSBC building (also known as 70 York Street) in Toronto, and many pieces of real estate in Alberta. Every single one of these deals were approved by the government of Canada. This is interesting, because the United States Congress claimed that Anbang was a state owned entity before many of these deals were made, and yet our government never questioned it even once?


It was only about 20 years ago that the Center for Strategic and International Studies as well as the Royal Canadian Mounted Police said that China was purchasing land in Canada as a way to threaten Canada. All the documents pertaining to this were destroyed and ordered to be burned in 1997 by the Liberal government. CSIS and RCMP put together a report stating that in order for China to gain control and become a threat to Canada that they were purchasing large pieces of real estate in Canada’s four largest urban centres. This would allow them to control businesses and influence land and rent prices, something that could do a lot of damage to the economy if someone wanted to make those choices recklessly.

Radio Silence

The Liberal Government is being suspiciously quiet on this topic. It could be due to the fear of Sidewinder becoming news again, or they are doing what they have done many times since Justin Trudeau became prime minister and just hope that the longer they keep Canadians in the dark, the less questions they will have to answer and the more they will continue to get away with.


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