Justin Trudeau Would Lose Federal Election if it Were to be Held this Weekend Google Images - Labeled for reuse

A new Ipsos poll came out showing that if a federal election were to be held tomorrow, the Conservatives would be the Liberals. Liberals would only win 33 percent of the popular vote, and the Conservatives would win 38 percent of the same vote, winning the election.

That is a seven-point jump for the Conservatives, and a five-point drop for the Liberals since the last survey was taken in December. The NDP would have 21 percent of the vote, and the Green Party would get 5.

Darrell Bricker

The CEO of Ipsos Global Public Affairs Darrell Bricker, thinks that the declining number is due to recent issues such as Justin Trudeau’s trim pt India a couple of weeks ago, as well as unhappiness with the new budget that was released this week “It’s the first time we’ve shown, since before the election, any time the Liberals have been behind.

They’ve consistently been 4 or 5 points ahead of their nearest competitor; sometimes more than that for the last two years and a bit. The remarkable thing about it is very little of it has to do with any of the qualities of the opposition parties. This is really people evaluating the government on its own terms and the Liberal Party on its own terms,” Bricker Said.

Majority Disapproval

Not only did the pretend election numbers drop for Trudeau and the Liberals, but there was also a 5 point drop in approval ratings for the entire government.

Forty-six percent of the people surveyed approve of the Liberal government and their actions, while 54 percent disapprove. Of the people who said they approve of the government, 9 percent said they strongly approve, and 37 percent said they approve somewhat.

Some experts are suggesting the drop in numbers is related to the fact that Trudeau’s core base is starting to see him in a different light, and that these numbers could reflect the fact that the honeymoon phase is over with him.


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