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A realist android doll will be the new host of a live online TV show in Japan as part of the latest social experiment that aims to demonstrate that a robot is able to develop through communication with humans.

“Androidol U”, which was presented today in Tokyo, measures 1.60 meters, weighs approximately what a human does and responds autonomously to the interlocutors who communicate with her through the video portal.

During the presentation the android appeared on the stage seated in a “ball chair” and read some comments and as one person said to the robot that she was very beautiful, to which she replied in a mechanical voice “I am very embarrassed!” .

El humanoide interactivo Android llamado "Androidol U" es presentado durante un evento en Tokio (Japón) el 15 de febrero de 2017.

“U” has the appearance of an attractive Japanese girl: she wears a mane of hair and bangs, she wears a white blouse, jeans and high heels. Makeup and nail polish plus long lashes complete the hyperrealistic “look”.

In Japan, these androids are already protagonists of showcases, plays or films (like “Sayonara” – in Japanese).

Japanese scientist Hiroshi Ishiguro the father of the droid and known for creating a robotic copy of himself, predicted that in the coming years they will offer assistance in public places, shopping malls, stations and schools, and even as teachers.

El humanoide interactivo Android llamado "Androidol U" es presentado durante un evento en Tokio (Japón) el 15 de febrero de 2017.

“U” is the first of these new robots: interacting with users through its weekly program will serve to increase their vocabulary and contribute to an improvement of their artificial intelligence.

“I’m 22 years old, but I was born 22 years old,” the android said during the ceremony.

“The communication (with the users) helps to overcome the limitations of the android. The more data it accumulates, the more developed it becomes, “said Ishiguro, a professor at Osaka University and the leader of the Advanced Telecommunication Laboratory in Japan.

“This is a good way to get the droid out of the lab and to gain new insights through interaction with humans”, he explained.

The project has been developed by Ishiguro himself, in collaboration with the telecommunications company Dwango, the owner of Niconico, and the department stores Parco.

“Our goal is to have the droid help people to communicate,” Ishiguro continued.

The scientist also said that this project is also ideal to know if an android can become accepted. “It is a very interesting test to know what people really think of it,” he added.

At the moment the exact date on which the program will begin is unknown and the project managers are also ruling out the marketing of the android at this time.


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