Sergio's restaurant won the first place for its presentation, flavor and authenticity at the Cuban Sandwich Festival of South Florida in March 2015. If you use the word Cuba or Havana when you pay with Venmo, it could lead to freezing your account.  World Breaking News

CUBAN SANDWICH – Does your description contain the words “Cuba” or “Havana”? Unless you prefer to freeze your account, it would be better to write something else.

It is known as Venmo, the application owned by PayPal, puts a mark on transactions that vaguely mention illegal activities such as drugs, prostitution or sending money to prohibited countries.

Companies that process monetary transactions must comply with the rules and sanctions of the United States, including the economic embargo against Cuba.

So think twice before identifying that Cuban sandwich that was eaten at lunch.

Users who have been marked and frozen their transaction, receive an email from the company requesting “a full and detailed explanation” of what was paid, sometimes including a link to the specific restaurant.

Annoying customers who complain on social networks can be a nuisance to the company, but it is better than the other alternative. 

In 2015, PayPal paid out almost $8 million to the United States for allegations that the company violated sanctions by processing thousands of dollars of transactions to and from Cuba, Iran and Sudan.

A Venmo spokesman did not go into detail about the review process, or if the company ever caught someone trying to send money to those countries, but said the company appreciates the patience of customers while applying their mandatory regulations.

“PayPal and Venmo take compliance and mandatory regulations seriously”, including the economic and commercial sanctions administered by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) of the US Department of the Treasury.

A spokesperson for PayPal said: “We are always working so that people can send and receive payments safely and easily for those they trust. Our goal is to offer the most complete payment experience possible while doing our job to keep PayPal, the public and our customers safe.”

“We are aware that any delay in making or receiving a payment can be frustrating, and we appreciate the patience of our clients in complying with our regulatory obligations. ” They continued to say.


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