WASHINGTON (Conspiracy Talk News) – Activists “Dreamers” accused Democrats on Friday that they voted for a spending bill without the “Dream Act” and of being “accomplices of the deportation machine,” and promised to continue next month their campaign to legalize undocumented youth.

The Congress, under Republican control, today began its holiday recess without including the “Dream Act” in a spending bill approved yesterday to avoid the government’s closure after midnight, with the help of 14 Democrats in the House of Representatives and 18 in the Senate.

The Congress will have to vote on a long-term budget measure that, according to activists, would offer a field of maneuver for the opposition.

Thus, the nearly one thousand activists “Dreamers” who held protests in the Capitol in the last two weeks, warned that they will return to Washington to demand accountability from the Democrats.

Greisa Martinez, director of advocacy for “United We Dream” (UWD), praised the 32 Democratic senators who voted against the law, but accused those who supported her of being members of a “deportation group”.

“We are not going to give up … a budget without a Dream Act is a budget that pays for the deportation of undocumented youth,” he added.

“There are no mornings”

In the end, neither party wanted to carry the blame for a government shutdown but, according to observers, the Democratic minority has few options to force a vote on the “Dream Act”.

Negotiations in 2018 for a long-term mega-budget bill, which would include an increase in defence spending and other priorities, would be the only “lever” for Democrats to win concessions from Republicans.

That measure, even if it includes some elements for border security, will require 60 votes in the Senate, where the Republicans will have a narrow margin of advantage of 51-49, after the victory of the Democrat, Doug Jones, in Alabama.

Marielena HincapiĆ©, executive director of the National Center for Immigration Laws (NILC), said that Jones will strengthen the “legislative leverage of the Democrats” to extract concessions.

“If they do not comply, the Democrats know they will feel the consequences at the polls in 2018.

|This is a national emergency, a human, economic need … that suits the country,” he said.

During a tense closed-door meeting with the leader of the Democratic minority in the Senate, Chuck Schumer, leaders of the Hispanic Caucus of Congress (CHC) urged him yesterday to press for the “Dream Act” – as he promised the “Dreamers” – according to one of the participants, for the “Dreamers” who are losing their protection under “DACA”, “there are no mornings”.

It is estimated that just over 13,000 “Dreamers” have already lost their permits from the “deferred action” program (DACA) of 2012 since the announcement of its dismantling on September 5, or about 122 each day.


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