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Whether you are an established business or a new entrepreneur, you must be aware of the fact that running an online business is no cup of tea.

Along with all the profit and loss, there are a thousand things to do, to make yourself approachable.

These things include – building a website, selecting the right theme, working with SEO (optional), creating content, ads, etc.

Planning on doing things yourself ?, just remember, it will consume a lot of your time.

Help is only a click away

If you are not interested in doing all this on your own, and want direct products than you can shop from many marketplaces available online such as Foculty.

Look for a professional provider who has expertise, good knowledge of the work.

Foculty, not only offer you products, but also personal, professional assistance in making your business successful.

Take a look at what a professional provider such as FocultyMoosetank offers you.

Google Adwords – They provide promotion services. Write ads for your business, look after your whole setup, support your micro marketing campaign. Don’t worry about the expenses; the money will only be used in the campaign after the budget has been approved by you. You will receive professional keyword search for your business, which is more appealing making you more visible to potential customers for future on-line business .

Press release distribution – Keep in mind that the way you come off or appear to others, makes all the difference to your business success or failure. Your image in front of customers depends upon the words you choose. Your content should be appealing and convincing. Don’t worry, the FocultyMoosetank Group will take care of that also.

Simply provide some details about your business and Let the pros take it from their.. The press release will only be done after it has been approved by you. Your content will be submitted to over 100 Top media resources reporting directly to you on every successful publication.

Email campaigns – If you are a newbie, then doing your homework is very important before stepping into the battlefield of marketing.. Emails are key to informing potential customers of new offers, sharing ideas which will in most cases benefit them, making a closer connection. Beside the helpline number (if you provide any) the only way to get in touch with your customers is through emails. It’s the only way to solve their queries and problems. You need to create special emails for this purpose eye catching templates provided by Foculty.

With years of experience in building and distributing email lists with countless satisfaction customers. The customer will receive an elaborate design, valid HTML/CSS code with emails that are pre-tested.

Leads for your business will be provided, creating a landing page, providing SEO packages and offer you a virtual assistant. All this and MORE.

Moosetank, which is a software development company has merged with the Foculty, a platform for entrepreneurs providing the best products & results.

Foculty is a leader in this fast paced and ever changing industry.

Boris Goncharov the creative director at Moosetank has created/developed this new product along with Vladimir Kudinov.

The mission is to make your experience a better one, offering personal one on one assistance. For further details visit us today.


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