Bruce Mcarthur the supposed gay serial killer Google Images Labeled for reuse

TORONTO – The event regarding the supposed serial murderer Bruce Mcarthur, the 66 yr old garden enthusiast, today is dealing with 6 counts of 1st degree homicide, showed up for the 2nd time on Wednesday, Feb. 28 in the morning hours to a court of law by means of video-conferencing.

” I have no feelings toward him other than anger,” said Healey outside of court. “He looks scared, he looks sad.”

The video-conference dealt primarily through the tech elements associated with the most current murder charge,  from 6 individuals that were dug up in the house.

” I just want Andrew represented properly and I want to know what happened,” Healey said. “I want to know why. I want an explanation.”

Det-Sgt. Hank Idsinga, that is conducting the probe in to McArthur, repeated his theory on Friday in which even more charges are certainly yet ahead.

McArthur is due to be back inside the court room on March 14th 20019.


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