Afrin Operations Destroy More Than 1640 Terrorists Photo Google Images Labeled for reuse.

SYRIA – Terrorists in the Syrian area of Afrin have been neutralized and reports reveal that as much as 1640 of them have been killed. These operations have been conducted by the Turkish military, in an on going operation.

The operation that is being conducted in the Afrin region has been going on for some time now, and as up till now, 1641 terrorists have been taken-out. The operation was launched by the name of “Operation Olive Branch” in the Afrin region, which is in the northwestern side of Syria.

This operation was launched on the 20th of January.

It was launched by Turkey, under the name of Operation Olive Branch that is committed to clearing PYD and PKK terrorists from Afrin. There has been success observed in the operations as over a thousand terrorists have been killed and shunned so far.

“The whole point of the operations is to maximize security and ensure stability in the borders of Turkey”, said the Turkish General Staff, who said that they would “continue efforts to ensure that the country is free of terrorists”. Turkey, however, did not name the Syrians as terrorists and said that ‘the operation is necessary not only for Turkey and its security but also for the Syrians”, the operation aims to deliver peace.

This type of operation is relatively new, but has had a lot of success so far.

It is being conducted under the Turkish rights framework, which is based on international law, and the resolutions of the UN Security Council as well.

In an aim to preserve Turkish and Syrian integrity, this operation, the Turkish General Staff said, “will wipe off terrorists from both territories to ensure peace, security and stability altogether”.

The operation revolves around terrorists and according to recent reports, the success of the operations can be attributed to the fact that there is a constant zeal to wipe them out or any other related criminal activity from Syria and Turkey both. Turkey has suffered at the hands of Syria and therefore, aims to eradicate terrorists from its soil.

Moreover, it has also been revealed that the operations will only destroy the terror targets, and high amount of care is being given to individuals to make sure none of them are harmed in the activities of the government.


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