Ahyanah Mincy is a college student in Newark NJ who is using her verified profile on onmogul.com to create change for women in business.

She is a student of Saint Peter’s University and is ironically majoring in Business Management. She is passionate about business management and overall business as she uses her platform in journalism alone to promote women in leadership roles. She is a full-time college student who devotes her spare time to encourage women in entrepreneurship and business.

Ahyanah blogs for www.onmogul.com a hub for women in business and known as the Linkedin for females on Forbes. On OnMogul women use the platform for different things including selling of items, finding a job, asking questions and posting articles.

This platform for women gets about 18 million views per week, but even within this website for women, it’s missing one thing. It is missing articles concerning women leading in the field of entrepreneurship and business.

Asked why she chose to blog about women, Ahyanah says she wants to instill in black women that nothing is stopping them from getting to helms in offices and businesses. Ahyanah Mincy intends to improve retention of female staff in an organization. Companies need to be active in promoting women into senior roles and provide the support required to make this possible.

The goal of her blogs is simple to motivate women and minorities in business that they can do it.

Leadership roles in the industry have a stigma that is solely meant for men, but her articles continuously prove that wrong. For instance, Ahyanah wrote an article about companies run by black women and the leadership roles that black women have within their respective companies.

This influencer uses her platform to blog about not only women empowerment in business but black women empowerment also. She wrote articles about successful black female entrepreneurs and their activities. She wrote another article about inspirational quotes from famous entrepreneurs have said and advice to other college students of her age. Ahyanah is branding herself to be among the much-celebrated self-made women the world will not forget. Through her golden pen, she has impacted unforgettable ideas into women, dedicating her time to write about women who could serve as a source of motivation for other relenting women to gain motivation.

On different online platforms like Patch.com, Isstoroes.com among others, Ahyanah has been recognized for her sagacious literary prowess, which could not be found anyhow in our society. It is heartwarming seeing someone joining in promoting women after centuries of marginalization and relegations.

She is doing an article about workplace discrimination and shedding the light of what African Americans go through within the workplace. She’s also writing an article about women that are also entrepreneurs and college students that own businesses. This young female is focused on using her platform to empower women and minorities in business and entrepreneurship.

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Contributed by: Ahyanah Mincy


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